CS Group LLC

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Award Winning Collections Services.

Consumer Solutions Group is a result-driven corporation that provides full-Service delinquent account receivables/debt collection services for various Industries. To name a few. All levels of government, automotive, medical, credit cards, financial institutions, small businesses, retail, commercial, and more. We turn your delinquent account receivables into Gold.

What We Believe

We follow the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated, and it works. Our experience of speaking with millions of consumers and business owners has confirmed that most people genuinely want to pay their debt. We don’t use high-pressure tactics or attempt to collect by intimidation.
That is not the way. Instead, we win the consumer’s and business owners’ confidence and provide the right solution that fits their needs, which gets our clients and consumers exceptional results.
At CSG, You come first. Everyone we speak to is treated with Respect, Dignity, Empathy, and Fairness.

Our Services

Government Collections

Auto Loan Deficiency

Utilities & Telecom

Consumer Collection Management