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Success in your Business to Business (B2B) collection accounts start with timely placements and early identification. It is critical to a successful recovery. Consumer Solutions Group commercial debt collection agency has the technology, tools, and result-driven  experienced team to collect your commercial debts 

Why Should We Be Your Partner?

CSG becoming your partner allows you and your staff to focus on your business while quickly and effectively recovering your delinquent accounts.

Our approach is to develop a proper customize program, specifically for your needs, that gets results and keeps your business-to-business relationship intact.

We understand the stress you are facing from not knowing the exact date and time of receiving outstanding payments owed to you.

Let’s, face the facts. If the business that owes you is still running, ignoring your payment request. It’s time to call CSG.

call us at tel:1-866-827-5678 or email us at Info@cs-groupllc.com, and an associate will get back to you within 24 hours.

We are here to help. We get you Results! 

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