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Great news. You are awarded a money judgment from a lawsuit against a debtor. You have done everything you can to work with the debtor to resolve the issue. Finally, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

What’s Next, You Ask? 

Excellent question. In Judgment recovery, a plaintiff owed monies is legally entitled to timely payment.

At Consumer Solutions Group, LLC., You can rest assured that our experienced team has the right resource can collect your unpaid judgment.

How Can We Help?  

We can deploy an assortment of result-driven judgment collection methods on your money judgment ordered by a court if efforts from the debtor of repayment are less than adequate.

One of the effective techniques to access our nationwide network of specialized judgment collection attorneys is to start a post-judgment action.

Here are some of the approaches we offer:

 Wage garnishment 
 Bank garnishment 
 Supplemental Asset Exam 
 Asset Search 

To name a few.

If you have received less than satisfactory repayment results or it has been years of not getting any results. It’s time to talk to Consumer Solutions Group, a judgment collection agency.

Go ahead, e-mail us at Info@cs-groupllc.com or call us at 1-866-827-5678 on how we can help you get what is rightly owed to you.

We are here to help. We get you  Results! 

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